Monday, February 17, 2014

Stamp Organization

Guess, what I did this weekend? That's right I finally got some time to organize my stamps 
the way I really want them.

Don't they look great? Stampin' Up has made it so easy to change all those old stamp sets you have into new uniformed boxes. Everything fits so nicely in my drawer. If you haven't done this yet, 
I would highly recommend it.

I figured I would show you exactly what I did.

So here is the label I made for each stamp set. Stampin' Up was kind enough to provide us a template. You can get the template for the Wood Mount Full size boxes here. Wood Mount Half size boxes.

After you print the labels, stamp on them with the images and black ink. Then as you can see in the photo, there are two sets of marks. I highlighted the ones you should line up with your Stampin' Trimmer. 

NOTE: Cut the top and bottom first. 

This picture shows the opposite side of the picture above.

After you've cut the top & bottom, turn your paper and line up the green bar at the top with the cutter. 
It's really that easy.

This is the end result. By looking at it, you can't even tell that those images weren't printed by Stampin' Up. I'm so excited about the way everything looks!!!

One last thing to keep in mind, before you order your Wood Mount Boxes, (you can order them here) I would suggest you take at least one and make sure all of the stamp sets you want to switch over will fit in the box. Some of them have to go in just right in order to work.

I hope you liked this little tutorial on how to switch all your wood mount stamps to new Wood Mount Boxes. Good Luck with your organizing and always remember

Happy Stamping!!

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