Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toothless in Seattle

It's time for another Project Life page. It really is amazing how many little things happen during your month that make such a fun thing to remember. Both of my boys needed some teeth to be pulled. (Yeah for them.) Anyway, I thought to myself as I was comfortably standing that this was a Project Life moment.

I realize as I look at this page, that there's another subject I need to address first. The top picture is of my daughter. This is the perfect reason why I like project life so much. This is a picture of her right after we made our first batch of brownies together. I let her lick the spoon. After I saw how dirty her face was, I took a picture to send to may husband. I realized later that if it wasn't for Project Life, I probably wouldn't remember this picture. There's not enough pictures to do an entire scrapbook layout so this was perfect.

Here are the pictures of my boys with their teeth. They did such a great job. It was funny to watch them afterwards. Because their mouths were numb, they would try to smile and would look goofy.

Happy Stamping!

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