Monday, May 4, 2015

In A Galaxy far, far, away......

Welcome everyone to May 4th, 2015. You all know what today is right? 
It's "May the 4th be with you" Day!!
 That's right if you're a Star Wars fan you knew that. If you didn't, that's ok too. I have a son who loves Star Wars so I decided I would make him a card to celebrate the occasion! He was planning activities all weekend for today.

Since I don't really have any Star Wars stamp sets, I knew I would have to use punch art. I also knew that Star Wars and Angry Birds had met so this seemed like the best option to make a card.

It took me a while to get it right and believe it or not, the hair was the hardest part. I found an image online and that's what I copied. I also like the "starburst" feature because I think it looks like the "lightspeed" that you see in Star Wars. 

I didn't have time today to make a picture of the different pieces I used on the bird, but I will list the punches.
Body- 2 " circle
Clothes- 1/2 of a wide oval with a little niche punched out with the small oval. A strip of Soft suede for the belt and glitter paper for the buckle.
Hair- It's half of a 1 3/4" circle. I used my fringe scissors to get the waves just right! The eyebrows are just small scraps that I trimmed to be the right size.
Eyes- The White part if the bigger circle in the Owl builder punch and then I just colored in the black part.
Beak- I cut a small square and folded it on the diagonal.

I think it turned out pretty cool. My son was super excited to see it. So it only feels appropriate that as I sign off , I must say


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